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sophisticatflat's Journal

An elegant virtual studio to create your dreams
Everywhere and anywhere
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This community was inspired by the play The Curious Savage - where an elderly woman is confined to a mental institution by her jealous relatives after she announces she will use what would have been their massive inheritance "to help people achieve their foolish dreams." The final scene shows her vision of her fellow patients - all healthy, whole, and living their dreams of creating art, raising families, playing music, etc.

This is a large virtual apartment with a view that I've created as a place for people to let their gifts and hopes shine and do the things they seemingly can't in real life. So feel free to post files of music you'd like to play in front of a crowd or at a house party, pictures and stories from your virtual trip to your favorite travel destination, short stories you dream of having published, community service projects you'd like to accomplish for others, whatever strikes your fancy. Let your wings unfold, let yourself speak as if you have attained your professional, personal, educational or relational dreams.

Everyone's dreams and stories are welcome here - just treat others with courtesy and respect.

On New Year's Eve I will be hosting a virtual party here, complete with champagne and raspberry lemonade and a potluck dinner provided by the excellent chefs among us - so stay in touch until then :)